• R type transformer
  • EI type transformer
  • EUR type transformer
  • CD/HSD type three-phase transformer
  • Ring transformer
  • Reactor / transformer
  • High frequency transformer / inductor
  • R type single phase / three phase / O type core
  • Special transformer

About us

Shanghai Hexin Transformer Co., specialized in manufacturing all kinds of electronic transformers. In 2003, we developed from a Sino-Japanese corporation into an independent unit.

With more than the years of development,our company can supply different series of R-type transformers which is our characteristic and C type and E type transformers, medical transformers,high-frequency transformers,high voltage transformers,industrial control transformers,bolts and reactors.


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Shanghai Hexin Transformer Co., Ltd./Cixi Hexin Electronics Co., Ltd.

Service Hotline:18352919501

Factory Phone:+86-574-63533339 63533338

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Address:Room 513, No. 518, Yingao West Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Factory Address:No. 28, Dagutang Middle Road, Wangjiatun Village, Qi Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province